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About Us

The Leading Links Directory aim is to be the largest, most comprehensive human-edited links directory of the Web. It is built and maintained by many internet volunteer editors. Since the www continues to grow at fast rates. Automated internet search engines are increasingly not able to give useful good links results to user search queries. Even the paid editorial human staffs at commercial internet directory sites can not keep up with all of the new sites submissions, and the top quality and extensive comprehensiveness of their web links directories has suffered from that. It seems that it is hard to keep pace with the rapid growth of the Internet.
Instead of trying to fight the explosive growth of the new Internet, the Leading Links directory provides the means for the Internet users to organize itself. As the Internet usage grows, so do the number of it's users. These users can each help organize a tiny part of the web and present it back to the rest of the users population, culling out the worst and useless links and keeping only the best web link content.
The Leading Links Directory follows in the big footsteps of many of the most known and important editors projects of the century, to become the most definitive web links catalog of the Internet.


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